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Shadow Watchers
Charleston West Virginia

Objective Scientific Paranormal Investigations And Research in Charleston, West Virginia 

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About Us

Critter Creek Paranormal was formed in 2011 in Charleston, West Virginia as a means for like minded people to explore their interest in researching and hunting paranormal ghost activities as a hobby in a more scientific way. By taking a scientific “best practices” approach in our investigations we hope to better identify, document and analyze events to validate or disprove any paranormal activity. For each investigation a field report is completed by the group and any audio /video evidence identified are archived for future reference. You can click here to see some of the equipment we use.

            We are average, everyday people and at this time none of us claims any psychic or medium type ability. We do have a skeptical belief in psychics, mediums, ghosts, and other life-after-life possibilities and want to expand on that belief through scientific means.  We believe in God or The Higher Power, but do not practice any religion, traditional or otherwise on a regular basis. We would not be opposed to working with a psychic or medium that has a demonstrated track record on an investigation however; our best practices approach would still take precedence. We are not opposed to working with other paranormal investigators, but are not interested in finding “evil” spirits or antagonizing any disembodied beings. 

 If you would like to possibly be included on Critter Creek Paranormal investigations team and could perform within the guideline of our investigative structure feel free to contact us via email for an application.  You must be of legal age (with proof using driver’s license), live within the Charleston, WV (Kanawha county) area and have a serious interest In this hobby.

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