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Shadow Watchers
Charleston West Virginia

Objective Scientific Paranormal Investigations And Research in Charleston, West Virginia 

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Request a paranormal ghost hunting Investigation in Charleston West Virginia
All information is kept strictly private and confidential.

DO NOT submit your requests for investigation by email!! They will not be answered!

Critter Creek Paranormal is always interested in exploring the paranormal as a hobby. Our investigations are free of charge.

All information is kept strictly private and confidential.

  • Please provide the following contact information:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Street Address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal Code
    Home Phone
  • The location to be investigated is?  Select any of the following options that apply:

    Home (Private House)
    Home (Apartment/Condo)
    Store/Business location

  • If you selected "Other" please describe it here.

    How long have you lived/been at the current address?

    Do you know the history/background of  the building/land?

    Yes    No

    Tell us what paranormal activity you are experiencing.
    Check all that apply.

    Strange sounds                        Mysterious lights
    Mists or fog like shapes          Strong unusual odors
    Unexplainable shadows           Intense cold spots
    Objects moving on their own   Problems with electronic devices
    Activities not listed here

    Describe any unlisted activity.

    How long has the activity been going on?

    Have you ever contacted other paranormal groups or individuals concerning the activities?
    Yes    No

    What were the results?

    Can we refer your information to another paranormal group or organization If we can not follow up with your request?
    Yes      No

    Age verification (required)


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