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Shadow Watchers
Charleston West Virginia

Objective Scientific Paranormal Investigations And Research in Charleston, West Virginia 

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Some Paranormal Definitions, Terms and Ghost Hunter Speak

Angels:             Spiritual being believed to be the messenger of God.

Apparition:      The visible form of a ghost

Astrology:        The study of how astronomical conditions influence human actions.

Benign Spirit:  A spirit that will not harm a person

Black Magic:   Using evil to cast spells or rituals to hurt other people

Clairvoyance:  A person with the ability to see events which have not occurred

Cold Spot:       A place in an area where the temperature is lower then the rest of the area

Demon:            An evil spirit believed to have power of humans

Electromagnetic Energy:
                         A hybrid of electrical charges and magnetic fields that binds nature together

EVP:                Electronic Voice Phenomena–the practice of trying to capture the voice of the dead on a voice recorder

Gaussmeter:    A magnetometer whose scale is graduated in gauss or kilogauss, and usually measures only the intensity, and not the direction, of the
magnetic field.
Ghost:              A figure of a person, which is often described as being translucent, of what some believe to be of a deceased person.

Ghost Hunter: Someone who investigates ghostly activity.

Haunting:        Subject to be visited by such things as ghost or apparitions, unexplainable sounds, smells or other things that cannot be explained.

What are Orbs:               Small sphere-shaped masses of energy believed to be the beginning of an apparition

Paranormal:   A series of events, abilities or matter which cannot be explained by science.

Poltergeist:     A troublesome spirit which will focus on a person instead of a location and is usually associated with the throwing of things, scratches,
and just causing damage to it’s surroundings, and it’s focus is usually on young adolescent child.


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