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Charleston, West Virginia

Objective Scientific Paranormal Investigations And Research
in Charleston, West Virginia

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Our Ghost Hunting Equipment 
Thermal flashlight, full spectrum night vision cameras, recorders, spirit box, EMF detectors and more!

ghost spirit paranormal hunting equipment case

All ghost spirit hunting equipment we use in the carrying case

passive folding speakers ovilus x ovx

Passive folding speakers for the Ovilus X ghost voice box

s7 slim night vision bell and howell ghost video camera
S7 slim Bell and Howell night vision ghost spirit video camera

sony evp recorder for ghost hunting
Sony evp recorder

emf meter ghost detector       electromagnetic field meter detector
EMF Meter
Measures electromagnetic fields

EVP electronic voice phenomenom recorder
Digital recorder
Use to capture EVPs ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

ovilus x ghost voice box
Ghost voice box and white noise generator
Synthesized speech with a 2000 word dictionary

hd full spectrum infrared video camera
HD video camera
Modified to full spectrum (Infrared to UV)

Bell and Howell dvn900 ghost hunting  video night vision        
Bell & Howell DVN 900 HD
Night vison video in total darkness

P-SB7 Real Time Spirit Box
P-SB7 Spirit Box

ghost infrared flood light
Infrared floodlight
Used with full spectrum video recorder

infrared flashlight maglite

Maglite with infrared filter

digital ghost camera
Standard digital camera

ghost audio research software
Audio Software for detailed analysis

thermal flashlight for ghost hunting paranormal investigations  


Thermal Flashlight

ghost static electricity detector

Static electricity detector

Dowsing rods


We always have an assortment of standard flashlights and plenty of extra batteries with us.