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Shadow Watchers
Charleston West Virginia

Objective Scientific Paranormal Investigations And Research in Charleston, West Virginia 

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Sound Clips of paranormal EVP & Ovilus X activity & spirit energy evidence from our recent investigations in Charleston, West Virginia
Most EVPs are captured as a response to a question . The two EVP audio samples below are of the our investigators
question and the EVP captured immediately afterwards.

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Listen to the untouched files with headphones for best audio

The Beeches . Huntington Skinner House Investigation
Music and marching sounds by paranormal spirit in background
 during ghost investigation.We didn't hear it at the time only on review.
It's interesting that the music was at the same time as a lot of orb activity.
 Charleston West Virginia

The Beeches Investigation

You may have to turn up your volume to hear it.

Clip #1
3 pings

Ovilus X electronic Evp ??
Three quiet pings before
the Normal loud ping
Listen closely

Clip #2
learn Something

Recorder EVP

Clip #3
Can't speak

From the Ovilus X

Clip #4  
'm Eight

From the Ovilus X

Clip #6

Recorder EVP

Clip #7

Recorder EVP

Clip #8
He Left

From the Ovilus X

Clip #9
Off I Go

From the Ovilus X

Clip #10

From the Ovilus X

Clip #11
Get Up

From the Ovilus X

  Watch in Full Screen for best view  
Four EVPs identified with audio software.
Play in full screen for best look
at software.

Investigator talks about going to the
kitchen to smoke and Ovilus X says
"smoked" in response.
Ghost investigator is noting that she
is going to set the recorder down
and OVX says "Hand Free"
Chatter from the paranormal investigators
walkie talkie is heard and the
Ovx says "Chatter"
Spirit investigator asks spirit is they
smoked. The Ovilus X OVX answers
"bad word"

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