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11/30/11  submitted by WV

I never experienced anything till my husband and I bought my grandparents house.  My mother had been scared half to death when she was in the house alone one night and a music box started playing out of the blue.  She took a run down the stairs and to this day will not stay alone in our house at night.No one had been living in the house for at least 6 months when that happened.  My husband was the first one to have something happen after we moved in.  I was working afternoon shift which left him here alone with our son through the week.  One  night while I was at work he was watching tv in the living room when he heard music start playing.  Trying to figure out where it was coming from he got up and followed the sound into the kitchen.  Just as soon as he figured out where the music was coming from--a wind up musical figurine I had it quit.  This figurine hadn't been wound in years.  It sits up on a small shelf on the side of the cabinets.  Myself, I have been alone in the house and heard the door in between our laundry room and furnace room open and shut.  Thinking it was my husband coming home early from work because he was sick I got up and went to the furnace room to find no one there.  It has happened a couple of times.  Not only to me but to my Dad who passed away about two years ago and my mother in law when they were here alone watching our kids.  There was no way the door just happened to swing shut on its own because the house is old and the floor is uneven.  The door will stay open unless you push it firmly to shut it.  From time to time we smell perfume out the blue.   There has never been anything that has scared me but there have been several things happen that we can't explain.  I was going to wear  a pant suit to a funeral and pulled it out only to notice that a button was missing on the front.  I put it back and got in the shower.  Later I found the button laying on my bed on top of a paper I had put there after I hung the suit back in the closet.  No idea how it got there.  None of us found it or put it there.  We also have a rather odd picture that my husbad took outside one night....there are smoky looking shapes in it.  He took several that night but only the one show anything strange in it.         


11/19/2011 submitted by C.D.

Why Ghost Investigation?

I think I have had an on-and-off interest in the spiritual world since I had an unmistakable experience with a “poltergeist” at the age of 3 – 4 years with my sister who is 5 years older than me.  Both of us heard and saw the effect as the movement happened at least 3 times; it may have been longer, but my sister and I didn’t hang around to find out.  That was in a house that I lived in until I was 7 years of age and was scared to death of even in the day time.

I never thought much about “ghosts” throughout my busy years until moving into a huge, old house with my husband in Pittsfield, NH that had been divided into apartments.  In that apartment, my husband and I, both, would randomly smell this beautiful perfume in the living room.  Dryer exhaust was my first thought about the perfume smell.  However, the windows were never opened and the apartments were efficiency type apartments that had no washer/dryer hook ups that could explain the perfume smell that drifted through the living room quite often. 

After that, we moved to Elkins, WV in a house that I was told is probably over 100 years old and was the first house built on our street.  In this house, the cat, Uncle Gizzy, and I were surprised out of our hair when the front door knob suddenly turned as we were lying on the sofa watching TV.  Gizzy jumped first and I was right behind him as I thought someone was coming in the front door.  It wasn’t until I had gone outside to look for “the intruder” that I realized the storm door had not been opened prior to the door knob turning.  I would have heard the old storm door open if the knob had been turned from the outside.  After this happened I had hung 3 golden Christmas bells on the upper part of the door that made quite a jingle when anyone opened the entrance door.

Several weeks later, maybe even a few months later, I had gone out to the store late one evening while my husband was upstairs working on the computer.  A few minutes after I left, he said he heard the bells on the door jingling and assumed I had forgotten something and returned to get it.  When he called down to me I didn’t answer and I wasn’t there when he came down.  That is because I was not there; I had not forgotten anything and had not returned home.  We lived in that house for 9 years without too much happening that couldn’t be written off as “explainable”.

After obtaining my degree, we moved to Charleston, WV and bought a house that was built in the ‘50’s and had no resident ghost(s) – or it was that way at first.  After living here for about 3.5 years, kitty cats had passed and our granddaughter, Kayla was born.  Around Thanksgiving of 2010, Kayla was 2.5 years old and was visiting for the week with two of the other grandchildren; her brother, Isaiah and cousin, Nathan.  As my husband and I sat in the middle room playing monopoly with Isaiah and Nathan, Kayla had wandered into the living room and was having quite a conversation all by her self.  When I went to see what she was up to she followed me back to the middle room, but kept looking back and saying, “Come on, come on,” as she motioned to something behind her by repetitively curling her fingers as if she were calling an animal.  When she came fully into the middle room her head turned from right to left as she looked down at the floor and then under the game table.  She continued on into the adjoining dining room still looking back and calling behind her for something that we could not see.  When my husband asked her if it was a kitty cat, she answered, “Yes.”  Now, at the time she did not know her colors so she did also tell my husband that the cat was green which, gave us a laugh after a rather hair raising observation.  To Kayla that cat, although invisible to us, was as real as any cat in our house and she saw it as plain as she saw us.

So, how did we go from normal, every day people to investigating “ghosts”?  Well, I watch just about every ghost story on TV as does my grandson, Nathan and really it was his idea.  He loves the show Ghost Adventures and thought it would be cool to do this.  He is 12 years old and is pretty interested in the paranormal.  Now, my husband will do just about anything for the grandkids, so he started watching all the shows on TV and became very interested in the equipment – he is the techy type.  From there he investigated all the equipment that is offered on the market and began buying the pieces you see listed on the “Equipment Used” page of this site.



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